Empowering You to Embrace Life-Enhancing Changes

Giving you the space to think about the changes that will improve your life.

At the heart of our daily existence, relationships—be they romantic, platonic, personal, or professional—play a crucial role. Yet, navigating these relationships amidst the complexities of today’s world can be a daunting challenge. Striving for a fulfilling relationship that truly meets your needs is becoming increasingly difficult. When relationships falter, the effects can deeply impact our well-being, leaving us entangled in emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, and loneliness, often accompanied by a profound sense of despair.

Welcome to Positive Relationships. Here, we offer you a sanctuary to reflect and explore your circumstances at your own pace. It’s a place where you’re encouraged to contemplate and act upon the changes that promise a brighter future. Our expertise spans across the spectrum of human connections, providing counselling and coaching for couples, individuals, marital issues, friendships, familial bonds, and workplace relationships. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of a strained relationship with a family member, overcoming hurdles in friendships, tackling partnership challenges, or addressing workplace dynamics, we’re here to support you.

Positive Relationships is your haven for personal growth and healing. We believe in empowering you to make life-enhancing changes, offering guidance and support as you journey towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

The promise of a brighter future for your relationship.

Welcome, I’m Suzanne Brady, the guiding force behind Positive Relationships. As a certified relationship counsellor and coach, I bring years of dedicated experience to the table, working closely with individuals, couples, and families to navigate the complexities of relationships.

With over a decade of expertise, I’ve developed a profound understanding of the obstacles my clients face. My approach is rooted in compassion, offering a blend of straightforward, effective techniques and strategies designed to foster positive, lasting change. Whether it’s bridging communication gaps, resolving persistent conflicts, or rejuvenating the connection with your partner, my goal is to empower you and your loved ones to create a fulfilling, enduring relationship.

Continuous growth is at the core of my practice. I dedicate myself to ongoing professional development to ensure that my skills and techniques remain at the forefront of counselling excellence. My philosophy is simple: listen deeply, understand thoroughly, and guide gently with confidence. By adopting a non-judgmental stance, I aim to uncover the layers of your experiences, fostering an environment where meaningful change can flourish.

As a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that my practice not only meets but exceeds professional guidelines.

Relationship Counselling; Unravelling the Threads of Your Relationship Tapestry

At the heart of Relationship Counselling lies a journey back to the roots of your current challenges. This path is about delving deep into your past history, identifying recurring patterns, and uncovering the motivations behind your actions. By understanding the “why” behind your behaviours, we unlock a new level of awareness. This enlightenment is the first step toward fostering change, enabling you to make conscious, impactful adjustments that fortify and enrich your relationship. It’s a therapeutic process designed to heal, offering you and your partner a foundation to rebuild and strengthen your connection.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance in aiding us to be able to work together properly as a couple. We knew from our first meeting with you that you understood us. You made us feel comfortable and welcomed. You helped us to meet each other instead of going against each other. You're a very kind and caring person. Thank you!

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Schedule Your Complimentary 30-Minute Zoom Call

Take the first step towards transformation with our Complimentary 30-Minute Zoom Call. This session is designed to provide new clients with a personalized introduction to our counselling and coaching services, directly from the comfort of your own home. Booking is straightforward and can be done with just a few clicks on our website.

Personal Introduction

Get to know Suzanne, your dedicated counsellor and coach, and understand her approach to facilitating change and growth.

Insightful Overview

Receive an overview of our unique counselling and coaching methods, designed to help you navigate life’s challenges or enhance your relationship.

Tailored Guidance

Discuss your goals and challenges in a confidential setting, allowing Suzanne to provide personalized advice on the best path forward.

Decision Making

Use this session to make an informed decision about your counselling or coaching journey, with complete understanding of what to expect and how it can benefit you or your relationship.

This free introductory session is highly recommended for all new clients, providing a risk-free way to explore the potential for transformation and to feel confident in your choice to embark on this journey with us. Whether you’re considering individual counselling, couple’s therapy, or any of our specialized programmes, this introduction is the perfect first step towards achieving the change you seek.

Relationship Coaching; Crafting Your Future Together

In contrast, Relationship Coaching zooms in on the present, pinpointing the specific issues and behaviours that are disrupting the harmony in your relationship. Coaching is action-oriented, focusing on the identification of unhelpful behaviours and understanding their impact on your partnership. With this insight, we collaboratively design a transformative outcome plan. The goal? To replace outdated and damaging behaviour patterns with new, healthy, and sustainable ones. Relationship Coaching is about forward momentum, equipping you with the strategies and mindset to cultivate a thriving, fulfilling relationship.