8-Week Intensive Coaching Programme: Accelerate Your Growth


Invest in your relationship’s future with our comprehensive 8-Week Intensive Coaching Programme. Priced at £1000, with a flexible payment plan available (£350 upfront plus 2 monthly payments of £400), this programme is designed to provide deep, transformative coaching for couples ready to make profound changes.

What’s Included:

  • Pre-Work Questionnaires: Begin your journey with thoughtful questionnaires designed to identify your goals and challenges.
  • Initial Diagnostic Session: Dive deep in a 90-minute diagnostic session via Zoom, clarifying the focus of the work for your transformation.
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions: Engage in 8 weekly 90-minute coaching sessions via Zoom, tailored to address the unique dynamics of your relationship.
  • Detailed Session Summaries: After each session, receive an emailed summary highlighting key learnings and action points.
  • Bespoke Tasks: Implement your learnings with custom tasks designed specifically for your relationship’s growth.
  • Unlimited Email Support: Get unparalleled support with unlimited email access to Suzanne throughout your programme, ensuring guidance is always at hand.
  • Lifetime Access to the “Complete” Online Programme: Continue your journey with lifetime access to our exclusive online programme, including 10 modules, PDF and hardcopy workbook, practical tasks, and 10 video tutorials to further enhance your learning.
  • Maintenance Programme: Ensure lasting change with our follow-up maintenance programme, designed to support your relationship’s continued growth.

Flexible Payment Options: To make transformation accessible, we offer a straightforward payment plan. Start with just £350 followed by 2 monthly instalments of £400 each.

Transform your relationship with our expert-led, intensive coaching programme. Discover the tools and strategies you need for lasting change, and build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.


A breakdown of each of the modules within The Complete Programme.

  1. What makes a good relationship?: This module encourages the couple to identify the components that they feel contribute towards a healthy relationship. This is an essential part of the program as without an awareness of what they value and desire for their relationship it is impossible to identify the changes they need to make to improve the quality of the relationship.
  2. Effective Communication: This module looks at all aspects of communication and how they are used in their relationship.  This module also gives the couple an opportunity to focus on how they communicate both as individuals as well as part of a couple.  They will be able to identify the positives and build on them, eliminate the negatives as well as introduce new techniques that will strengthen the relationship.
  3. Conflict Resolution: This module will encourage the couple to get more comfortable with conflict!  We will look at conflict styles, again both as individuals and as part of a couple.  The tasks in this module will help the couple to establish a  new conflict cycle where both of their styles will be incorporated so that conflict can be experienced with confidence and most importantly the couple will always seek a resolution to bring closure every time.
  4. Trust: The focus of this module is to explore what trust looks and feels like to the couple.  The couple will have the opportunity to think about where their ideas around trust came from and how their experiences may have influenced those ideas.  Where trust has been broken we will identify how this has happened and how this can be prevented in the future by introducing boundaries into the relationship.
  5. Love Languages: There are five love language styles, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. By gaining an understanding of their individual styles it can create an awareness of how they are in relationships and how their partner may experience them.  Our love language style is often the way we show love to our partner, so if you have a couple where they have different styles it can often leave the individual as feeling unloved and un cared for in the relationship as they both value different things.  This can lead to tension and misunderstandings, so by completing this module the couple will understand themselves and their partner in a way they may never have considered before, creating room for positive change.
  6. Roles and Responsibilities: The focus of this module is to identify the roles and responsibilities that are currently present in the relationship. The tasks will facilitate the couple to understand where they have assumed responsibility for the roles they are responsible for.  They will also have the opportunity to think about all of the roles that are required within their relationship (some of which may not have been discussed) and revisit who is responsible for each of them.  We will also look at roles and responsibilities outside of the relationship which may impact the couple and think about new ways of managing them in a more helpful way.
  7. Infidelity: This module explores the impact an affair can have on the relationship.  We look at the different reasons why people have affairs.  It is important to identify what was happening when the affair took place as this often illustrates a starting point to focus the work.  The couple will have the opportunity to talk and listen about their feelings.  The couple will be encouraged to move away from blaming each other, instead we will focus on honesty and accountability so that the couple can focus on how to rebuild a different, improved loving relationship.
  8. Balance of Power: This module focuses on power within the relationship.  Power can present in many different ways e.g.: money, and sex leading to a struggle, so the tasks will help the couple to identify how power plays out in their relationship.  When this is identified it will enable the couple to discuss the issues that have been raised.  The couple can then work towards establishing a healthy balance, so that both people feel a sense of equality in the relationship.
  9. Blended Families: When a couple embark on a new relationship and one or both have children from previous relationships this can cause tension within the couple relationship.  There are lots of new and complex relationships that need to be formed, managed and maintained.  It isn’t always just children that have to be considered, ex partners, ex in-laws, friends and new partners may also have to be included.  This module will help the couple to navigate a positive way forward.
  10. Life Stages: As we go through life, we will all experience significant life stages including, marriage, birth, empty nest and death to name a few.  It is very common for couples to ignore these events and try to move past them without any acknowledgment, often leading to distance and loss of connection in relationships.  This module will enable the couple to work together to identify what life stages are relevant to them and they will learn how to deal with these life stages in a healthy way.