Individual/Couple Counselling Sessions


Invest in your personal growth or your relationship’s health with our 60-minute counselling sessions, priced at just £60 each. Conducted via Zoom, these sessions offer a flexible and accessible way to explore, understand, and navigate the challenges you or your relationship may face.

Key Features:

  • Accessible Counselling: With the convenience of Zoom, gain access to professional counselling no matter where you are, ensuring privacy and comfort in your own space.
  • Flexible and Supportive: Whether you’re seeking individual counselling to work on personal issues or couple’s counselling to address relationship dynamics, our sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs.
  • Immediate Impact: Even a single session can provide valuable insights and strategies to help you move forward or cope with current challenges.
  • Build Towards a Healthier Future: Regular sessions can significantly contribute to long-term personal and relational growth, offering a space for continuous improvement and understanding.

Our Individual/Couple Counselling Sessions are designed to be a supportive, flexible, and impactful step towards achieving greater personal well-being or a stronger, more connected relationship. Whether you’re exploring counselling for the first time or looking for ongoing support, we’re here to facilitate meaningful change and growth.